High-Converting Facebook Ads that Bring You More Sales than Star Wars Movies On Their Release Date

We create strategically developed Facebook ads that penetrates through the digital noise on the internet to hit and convert your target audience

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Facebook Ads That Will Have Your Prospects Salivating to Make a Purchase

A platform with 2.74 billion monthly users sounds like a goose that lays golden eggs.

But you are not the only one thinking that.

There are millions of marketers and businesses that are advertising on Facebook in the hopes to get even 0.001% of the users to buy from them.

What this means is that Facebook advertising is getting increasingly competitive with every passing day.

That’s why the average click-through-rate on Facebook is only 0.90%

You don’t want that. You want your ads to skyrocket your CTR and bring maximum amount of conversion.

And for that another uninspired agency using fly-by-night tactics and “hacks” to bring conversions simply won’t do.

What you need is an agency that knows what they are doing.

An agency that has developed battle-tested strategies over the years to help you sell like crazy using Facebook ads.

We create ads that are designed to cut through the noise created by your competitors on Facebook to engage with your audience and have them itching to buy from you.

We don’t create run-of-the-mill ads that you are used to seeing on your feed. We make sure that every ad we create specifically targets your audiences and grabs their interest.

Our ads stand out from the rest in terms of headline, copy, and CTAs and are only aimed to get that click out of your prospects.

Increase Your Sales 20X With This Insider Strategy That Most Agencies Don’t Know

If you have run Facebook ads previously, you are probably already aware of the fundamental steps.

Identifying your audience, creating a headline, writing engaging copy, and optimizing your landing page.

But high-converting, irresistible Facebook ads go beyond targeting your audience and creating your content around their needs.

A great Facebook ad or any ad for that matter sells your products as a solution instead of as a…well…product.

That’s why we prefer solution-based advertising where we sell your products as a means to solve a burning problem of your prospects.

This strategy makes your target audience go wild to do business with you because they have finally found a solution to a problem that has been bugging them for a while.

Think about it.

You meet two salesmen on your way to work. One salesman offers you a product that is full of features while the other provides you with something that has real-life benefits to it.

Which one are you more likely to buy? The second one of course.

Because you can see yourself improving your life using the second product. 

The first one is only good enough to be talked about with friends.

So, if you want your Facebook ads to 20X your sales, it is time to start designing your ads around a solution rather than a product.

Or better yet, reach out to us to convert all your ads into solution-based proposals and watch your sales rise through the ceiling.

Send Your Audience To Landing Pages That They Can’t Say No To

Your prospects are going to land on your landing page as soon as they click your ad.

Therefore, designing a persuasive landing page is essential to getting conversions.

Our team of intuitive designers and content writers help you create super convincing landing pages that make your prospects whip out their credit card to make the purchase.

We don’t design landing pages as a separate element of your sales funnel but as an extension of the ad that got your prospects to click.

Our landing pages are in complete sync with the ad and are very clear on what it is offering to the interested buyers.

We know how to design a landing page that is not only appealing but also answers every single question your prospects could have in their mind.

What does this mean for you? High CTR, reduced bounce rate, lower customer acquisition cost, and highest possible conversion.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Facebook has 2.6 billion monthly users. If you are not creating and publishing ads on such a huge user-base platform, you are definitely missing out on a lot of money-making opportunities.

Facebook has 20% market share for digital advertising, making it one of the largest platforms on the internet for advertising. So it goes without saying that a large portion of your target audience is on Facebook and they are being targeted and converted by your competitors in your absence.

Not to mention, Facebook ads are cheaper and are truly unparalleled in their targeting capabilities. You can simply use Facebook ads to

So if you don’t want to miss out on practically the most straightforward way of quadrupling your ROI, your business does need Facebook ads.

It depends entirely on your goals from the campaign. Some of the factors affecting Facebook ad cost include 

Audience Size (Prices will change depending on whether you are targeting 1000 or 10,000 people) 

Campaign Goals (What kind of action you want your audience to take also determines the price of the ad)

Competitiveness (Prices differ according to the kind of competition you have in the market)

Before giving you a price, we will carefully research your campaign goals, product, target audience, average rate and average conversion rate. After gathering all the information, we offer a price according to the unique requirements of your business.

Anybody with an internet and a Facebook account can create Facebook ads. The goal is not to create ads but to create quality ads that convert. 

And running quality, high-converting Facebook ads takes time and expertise. When you are busy running your business, you can barely get enough time to invest in creating standard-quality Facebook ads. 

With an agency you get a focused approach at creating conversion-driven campaigns. Every aspect of your Facebook ad campaign including the headline, body copy, landing page, and CTA is designed and written by experts designers and copywriters under the guidance of a supervisor with years of experience at Facebook marketing.

So you know each of your ads are aimed at bringing you conversions and taking you closer to your campaign goals.

But, when it comes to Facebook ads, you don’t want another uninspired agency that makes bold promises and delivers nothing. 

You want an agency that understands your brand, products, and audience to create tailor-made ad campaigns that are guaranteed to bring more sales and conversions.

Every business has different needs. What you get out of Facebook ads can differ according to your unique requirements.

What we can promise you are specifically targeted ads that convert your prospects into your customers and help you reach your specific business goals as quickly as possible.

Facebook ads and Google ads are similar in their principal of advertising but drastically different in their approach. 

The biggest difference between the two is search intent. Google shows ads when specific keywords are searched while Facebook shows ads based on the user’s interests. 

On Google, users search with intent and are shown ads relevant to their queries. 

Facebook ads, on the other hand, allows you to advertise to people who aren’t necessarily looking for your products. They are minding their own business, scrolling through their Facebook and they happen to see your ad when it passes through their feed. 

Facebook ads are more focused at generating awareness while Google ads are for targeting people who are already searching for your products.