Allan Marshall

Web Design and Branding for a Real Estate agent in Torrance, California.

Client Brief

Allan C Marshall is a real estate agent based in Torrance, California. He has been providing excellent salesmanship and client satisfaction in real estate transactions and loan application services since 1992.

Allan contacted YourHustler for Web Designing and Branding needs. He wanted to create a brand out of his practice and connect with his audience through a well-optimized website.

The Challenge

As a real estate agent, Marshall’s priority was to build a professional website that instilled trust in his clients and presented him as the most trusted real estate agent in South Bay.

He wanted a website that brought him leads while reflecting his expertise in real estate deals.

Moreover, he wanted his website to have a premium ambiance to give his visitors a great user experience and confidence in their choice.

However, due to not having any prior experience in website development and digital marketing, Marshall was like a deer in the headlights. He was struggling to figure out the cost and strategy to move forward with the branding and website development.

We were tasked with helping Allan understand the development and branding process and building him a sleek, new website that brought him more leads and established his services as a brand.

Our Strategy

We had an extensive session with Marshall where we discussed the fundamentals of website development, what kind of strategy one should have in mind while building a website, and shared resources with him to offer some insights into the process of website development.

We also discussed his practice, target audience, website requirements, and branding strategy. Then, we developed and implemented a broad-gauge strategy to help him attain his goals.

Once the foundation was laid out, we built several mock-up designs for Marshall to choose from. Marshall finalized a design and we used it as a guideline to build the rest of his website from scratch.


In order to reach Marshall’s branding needs, we created a sophisticated logo through our comprehensive designing process. Then, we settled on the color palettes that catered to the interests of his target audience and best conveyed his tone of voice. We used Sans Serif font throughout the website to reflect modernity and approachability.

We also added a few abstract elements to the website to make it relatable to the target audience, which, in this case, were people based in South Bay and surrounding regions looking to buy and sell homes.


For the website, we took a minimalistic approach to make it easier for visitors to easily scroll through and find relevant information. Since Marshall wanted a sleek and professional-looking website, we went with basic color palettes and simple fonts to reflect simplicity and proficiency.

We also tried to offer all the essential information on the front page of the website, so visitors know exactly where they are and what they are looking for. Moreover, We made good use of the whitespace on the website to make all the elements look orderly and sorted.

Once the website was ready, we conducted several tests on it to ensure it was up to the industry standards and Marshall’s unique requirements. Lastly, our developers made sure the website was responsive, fast, and works on all devices.

The Impact

The new site significantly improved Marshall’s persona as a realtor and brought him a number of interested clients. Our effective website headings and CTA resulted in a considerable number of conversions for Marshall. 

The new website contains all the relevant information about Marshall and his practices including his services, past work, rates, and the number of clients he has served. It has helped Marshall reach out and connect to his clients more easily and vice versa. 

Marshall can now share his online address with his clients and prospects knowing that he has a great website doing the salesmanship for him.

I was blown away by the design and your hustler's style. The website is clean & simple yet elegant which is my trademark.

Allan Marshall
Real Estate Agent
MRC Consulting, Torrance, CA


Web Design and Branding for a Real Estate agent in Torrance, California.