AMS Grounds

Web Design for the largest material hauling company in Michigan

Client Brief

AMS Grounds is a trucking company based in Ypsilanti, Michigan. They have been offering snow removal, material hauling, and blower truck services for the last 20 years.

As one of the biggest trucking companies in Michigan, AMS Grounds felt their website was not representing their business effectively.

They reached out to us on______to discuss the need for a new website.

The Challenge

AMS Grounds wanted a new website that reflected the scale of their trucking operations.

They wanted the best looking website in the industry.

Moreover, they wanted the website to bring volunteer drivers for various operations. Earlier, they used Facebook posts to attract interested drivers, but to no avail.

We were tasked with developing the sleekest trucking company website in the industry that brought more business and drivers and represented AMS Grounds’ operations to the best.

Our Strategy

We sat down with AMS Grounds and discussed their idea of a new website to come up with a rock-solid foundation.

During the discussion, we talked about their services, target audience, customers, and key selling points so we could build a website around these aspects.

We also analyzed their competitors’ websites to understand the industry standard and how we could do better than everyone.

Once we had acquired all the information, we came up with a solid strategy to develop the best trucking website in the industry for AMS Grounds.


For a new website, we used WordPress. We focused on simplifying the navigation to offer an uncluttered and fresh user experience.

We used numbers and figures to represent the AMS Grounds’ extensive operations and experience.

We also made sure the important elements in their previous website, such as the Mulch Calculator and ‘Free Estimate’ tab, remained functional in the new one.

We made the new website clean and easily readable, so the visitors have a clear insight about what AMS Grounds stands for as soon as they land on the website.

We also made sure the new website highlighted AMS Grounds’ wide-ranging fleet of trucks and their customized services to represent the large-scale operations that AMS Grounds administers.

Lastly, we created a special landing page that allowed AMS Grounds to post jobs and send interesting candidates directly to the website instead of resorting to Facebook posts

The Impact

The new website accurately represents the heart and mind of AMS Grounds. It has helped them gain an average of 5735 new visitors every month.

The new website has also brought AMS Grounds to a range of businesses from Michigan and surrounding cities.

The new landing page has made it specially easy for Manal to post driver vacancies and hire interested candidates directly from the website.

Manual Baker can now proudly represent what it is like working with AMS Grounds and what value the company offers to its employees with their new website.


Web Design for the largest material hauling company in Michigan.