E-Commerce Website for the largest eco-friendly construction material provider in Sarasota, Florida.

Client Brief

EcoSmart is a one-stop-shop for eco-friendly construction and remodelling materials in Florida. The company has been providing a range of products and services to promote sustainable living since 1993.

Owned by Matt Ross, EcoSmart is one of Florida’s largest green construction materials suppliers and construction guides for homeowners, architects, builders, developers, and contractors.

The Challenge

When Matt reached out to us he was frustrated and dubious about redesigning his website. He had been a victim of a poor redesigning strategy in the past that had led him to lose almost 90% of his website’s traffic.

Matt wanted a website that was easy to navigate and looked professional. 

While analyzing his old website, we learned that it was mostly a littered ensemble of web pages that did not represent his product, services, and brand in the way they were supposed to.

We were tasked with redeeming all the issues in the website and coming up with a redesign strategy that made the new website clean, fast, and slick.


Our Strategy

Our first move forward was to make sure Matt knew and understood what redesigning a website entails. We sat down with Matt to understand his primary requirements for the new website.

Then, we analyzed his old website and extracted all the essential information about his business, products, and services.

We also analyzed EcoSmart’s competitors and target audience to get more insight into how we could approach the redesign.

Lastly, we asked Matt to take us through his best-selling and popular products and services so we could create appropriate landing pages around them.

Once we gathered all the essential data, we came up with a bullet-proof website redesign strategy that provided Mike with the website that he needed for EcoSmart.


First of all, we created a few mock-up designs according to Matt’s requirements. 

Once Matt selected one of the designs, our designers used it as a guide to design the rest of the website. 

When the design was finished, our developers built the new website from scratch to align with the proposed design. 

We made sure to retain the fundamental visuals of EcoSmart, so the new website looks a cleaner, fresher version of itself rather than a rebuild. 

To solve the messy appearance and navigation issues, we listed all the products in variation and created a simple navigation.

We didn’t want Matt to go through another bad SEO experience. So we removed all the broken links and URLs to make sure search engines didn’t find any difficulty in crawling, indexing, and ranking the new website.

Lastly, we made separate landing pages for EcoSmart’s best-selling products and services, such as Whole House Package and Veteran Program to highlight them clearly on the website.

The Impact

After the redesign, EcoSmart has noted a significant rise in sales. Contractors, builders, and homeowners are finding it incredibly easy to navigate through the new website and find what they are looking for. 

Not to mention, EcoSmart is one of the best-ranking websites on Google in terms of eco-friendly, construction-based keywords. 

New landing pages have also made it easier for Matt to highlight his prominent products and services to his customers and target audience. 

I was impressed with their excellent communication skills. They reiterated everything we needed in writing which gave us a lot of confidence. The new website is clean, it loads quickly and the quality of leads are way better than our last website. I would strongly recommend them to others.

Matt Ross
Owner & CEO
Eco-smart Inc
Sarasota, Florida


E-Commerce Website for the largest eco-friendly construction material provider in Sarasota, Florida.