Life Dome Adult Services

Web Design for a Non-profit organization based in New York.

Client Brief

Life Dome Adult Services is a non-profit organization based in New York and licensed by the Office of People with Developmental Disabilities.

Run by Patricia Kissi, LDAS provides home respite and community rehabilitation along with on-site holiday respite services for individuals with a range of developmental disabilities, including autism and cognitive disorders.

The Challenge

LDAS wanted a website that drew in volunteers and showcased their cause and message clearly. They needed to highlight all of their essential services and wanted their visitors to know, understand, and support their cause.

They also wanted a new employment portal that makes it easier for LDAS to hire and train volunteers.

We were tasked with building a simple, user-friendly WordPress website that helped them gain traction in their niche. We also had to build an employee portal to help them manage and train volunteers for non-profit works.

Our Strategy

Firstly, we were truly elevated to be working with an organization that works for a social cause. We contacted LDAS to acquire more details about their practice, cause, and the kind of audience they wanted to engage with.

We inquired about their basic requirements from the website and what kind of effect they wanted their visitors to have to come up with a relevant design.

Then, we settled on a design and created a light and responsive website that efficiently portrayed the services and cause of LDAS while making hiring and training easier.


We opted for WordPress as the CMS as they were fairly accustomed with the platform. We provided them with relevant designs to choose from. Once the design was approved, we developed a quick-to-load, responsive and adaptable website that can be accessed from any device.

During the redesign, we focused on sticking with the basic design and layout elements to make sure LDAS’s services, practices, and USPs stood out.

We made the website easily navigable and offered effective CTAs to drive visits and conversions.

Employee Portal

LDAS wanted a way to train their employees and keep all of their information in one place. 

We built a portal for them that allows them to assign trainings to their employees and track their progress. 

The Impact

The redesign has helped LDAS gain 2000% more visitors.

The new employee portal has made it easy for LDAS to recruit and train new talent and have enough manpower to continue working for the cause.

The new website has also made it easier for LDAS to stay connected with their audience and provide them with proper information regarding developmental disabilities regularly.

The communication was thorough. Even when we could not get them the things they needed on time they were very patient. Their support was super reliable, resourceful and engaging. Your Hustler incorporated is the way to go.
Patricia Kissi,
CEO, Life Dome Adult Services,
New York


Web Design for a Non-profit organization based in New York.