Web Design for a Chiropractic clinic in San Pedro, California.

Client Brief

Premiere Clinic is a Chiropractic and Sports Medicine facility based in San Pedro, California. The facility is run by Dr. Patrick Reida, who aims to provide proper diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic illnesses.

Dr. Reida reached out to us for website development. He told us that he had been looking for an agency to build his website for quite some time but could not settle on one because none of the agencies seemed to offer what he wanted.

The Challenge

Dr. Reida’s last website had broken down as its hosting expired. The developer who had built the site didn’t have a backup, causing Dr. Reida to lose all his data.

Dr. Reida wanted a website that addressed all his burning issues while giving him an optimum platform to connect with his audience.

He said he didn’t want a remake of a template but a full-fledged, built-from-scratch website to represent his practice.

We were tasked with building Dr. Reida an efficient website that highlighted his practices, USPs, and expertise while making sure he does not have to go through another hosting or backup issue ever again.

Our Strategy

We sat down with Dr. Reida to get a comprehensive insight into his practice, his idea of the new website, and the kind of audience he was targeting.

We also made sure to enlighten him on the basic website development process.

Once he was familiar with the process, we kept him in the loop of every aspect of website development from finalizing the design to launching the site.

After extensive analysis and research, we came up with a strategy to build an industry-standard website that best addressed Dr. Reida’s needs and issues.


We offered Dr. Reida several design options to choose from. Once the design was finalized, our designers worked vigorously to create an entire website with Dr. Reida’s preference as a guideline.

We wrote clean codes from scratch to develop a website around the given design.

Dr. Reida was well informed of every single change throughout the process.

We developed a website that highlighted the primary services offered by Dr. Reida and offered a simple, navigable layout for his visitors. We also tried to emphasize Dr. Reida’s previous projects with entertainment celebrities, professional and Olympic athletes.

Moreover, we created genuine, trust-inducing content for the visitors and gave clear CTAs for quick conversions.

Lastly, we made sure Dr. Reida had a great hosting plan with backups, so he did not lose any more of his data during a similar crisis.

The Impact

The new Premiere Clinic website is aesthetically and technically better than the last one. Dr. Reida can now proudly share the URL of his website to his prospects knowing it would take them to a fully functional, responsive, and fast website that represented his services in the best way possible.

The new website has brought Dr. Reida a significant rise in leads and conversions.

The new CTAs have also proven to be functional by increasing the number of closed appointments and meetings with Dr. Reida.

My experience with the staff at Your hustler has been a whole cut above the other agencies I have worked with in the past.

Dr. Patrick Reida
Premiere clinic,
Owner, California


Web Design for a Chiropractic clinic in San Pedro, California.