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Web Design and SEO for Shipley Donuts
in Houston, Texas.





Client Brief

Mike Simon owns two locations of Shipley Donuts in Houston, Texas. He has been offering the same quality, cleanliness, and taste standards as is expected of Shipley Donuts for years.

Their location offers a range of delicacies, including pillowy soft donuts, warm kolaches, hot beignets, and coffee. They also have a 24*7 drive thru.

MyShipleyDonuts is also involved in catering services for churches, schools, organizations and businesses in the immediate area and is highly rated on google, door dash and other platforms.

The Challenge

Mike reached out to us last October. He wanted to improve the look of his website and boost its visibility through organic SEO.

They were already working with an SEO agency. After a while, they hit a plateau and stopped attracting new customers through the website.

We analyzed their website and found out that one of the reasons their visitors were declining was because the website was slow and had a sloppy user experience.

Also, not to forget the website had not been updated in well over 4 years. Your Hustler were tasked with building a fast website that met the latest design standards of the industry.

The main challenge was to ensure that the redesign did not hamper the SEO value of the old website.

Our Strategy

We connected with Mike Simon for a lengthy session, where we discussed his primary needs, website requirements, SEO, and social media initiatives.

We tried to understand his perspective, the kind of audience he wanted to target, his products, and his competitors.

Then we came up with a complete website redesign and content marketing strategy to help him preserve the SEO of his old website and transform it into a newer, fresher one that ranks high on Google.


For the website, we first built a few mockup designs for Mike to choose from.

We tried to keep the design exciting yet simple. To maintain authenticity, we used their own color palettes.

Once Mike finalized a design, our designers got to work and designed the internal pages of the site around the selected design.

After the design, our developers jumped in and developed the new website from scratch.

Once the website was built, we ran it through various tests to ensure it was quick, responsive, and adaptable.

We built the website on WordPress to make it easy for Mike to make changes to content on his own.


For SEO, it was important that we first preserved the SEO value of the old site. 

There were 100’s of pages and countless numbers of broken links.

We did a complete website audit and analyzed all the keywords and web pages it was ranking for, and tried to extract all the information in one place.

We made sure the top ranking content remained intact and was recognizable by Google and other search engines.

Moreover, we updated the old backlinks to redirect it to the new site and aligned the XML sitemap, 301 redirects, navigation, and page structure to match the structure of the new website.

This helped Shipley Donuts maintain their SEO and rise through the rankings with their new website.

Social Media

They had the perfect opportunity to launch their social media handles and reach and connect with more audiences.

We helped them take the opportunity by creating a perfect social media launch campaign.

We launched a ‘tag your friend’ campaign to grow engagement on social platforms that helped Shipley Donuts gain traction and recognition on Instagram and Facebook.

We launched several campaigns on MyShipleyDonuts’ social media aimed at increasing store visits and online orders.

Today, MyShipleyDonuts stays connected with its customers and target audience through regular social media posts, campaigns, and contests.

The Impact

The new website has made it easier for Shipley Donuts customers to place orders online, know about Shipley’s history, interact with insightful blogs, take advantage of ongoing offers, and subscribe to the newsletter.

It currently gets more than 18,000 monthly visitors.

The website is ranking in the top 5 Google search results for more than 315 keywords relevant to their business.

The online orders have increased by a staggering 112%.

With regular posts and campaign offers, their social media is also rising in terms of followers and engagement.





They transformed our online presence. We get more online orders now.The traffic on the website has also increased considerably.
Mike Simon
Shipley Donuts
Houston, TX


Web Design and SEO for Shipley Donuts in Houston, Texas.