That Fresh Smell

E-commerce Website, Branding and Packaging for a Deodorizer brand.

Client Brief

That Fresh Smell is a family-owned business based in California. They offer a range of room deodorizers. It was started by DJ Fresh and his mother Lisa Colston.

They are dedicated to making your homes smell good with nifty deodorizer bottles filled with long-lasting, natural, and refined fragrances.

The Challenge

Lisa Colston contacted us on behalf of her son Fresh to do the branding and packaging for their room deodorizers. She also wanted a website to promote and sell their products online. 

Since it is a fragrance business, an out of the box approach was required for branding and the website. Fresh, being a DJ, had a particular vision for the brand.

We were tasked with creating a logo for them, designing the packaging, and building an easy to access, super-fast website to help them bring their brand to the internet.

Our Strategy

We hopped on a call with Lisa to understand her perspective of the brand.

We researched various room deodorizer companies, That Fresh Smell’s target audience, and learned more about the owners’ insights to figure out the market trend and come up with a complete strategy to build a brand and a suitable website.


We developed a few logo designs for Lisa and asked her to choose the one that she thought best represented her and her son’s vision.

Once the logo and color palettes were finalized, we moved forward with the rest of the design.

Using the logo as a guide, we designed quirky packaging for the company and moved on to add similar elements to their e-commerce website.

The quirky packaging design and logo helped That Fresh Smell secure its place as a youthful and energetic fragrance business online.


For the website, we stuck to the same aesthetic ideas and focused on developing a user-friendly, responsive, and secure website that made it easier for customers to browse through the products and make purchases.

We offered Lisa a few designs on the same line of their logo and packaging to choose from. Once she selected the design, our designers used it as a standard to design the rest of the website.

We wrote clean, simple codes to build the website from scratch around the given design. We used WooCommerce for the online e-commerce store.

We tested the website before and after launching to make sure the visitors had an engaging and enjoyable browsing experience on any device.

The Impact

That Fresh Smell has gained a significant rise in the monthly number of visitors. The website design and overall branding of the products is appreciated by the customers and visitors

Their designs were very creative and the way they approach copywriting is impressive. We absolutely love what they did for us and they were everything we wanted.

Lisa Colston,
That Fresh Smell inc.,
Owner, California


E-commerce Website, Branding and Packaging for a Deodorizer brand.