Titanium Joe

Highly customized e-commerce store development for a titanium products seller

Client Brief

Titanium Joe is a leading titanium products seller owned by Joe Szigeti. They have their facilities in California and Ontario. Known for their commitment to quality, they stock a huge inventory which includes sheet, plate, bars, tubing and weld wire.

The Challenge

The old Titanium Joe website worked great for the client but there was one big problem, It was not mobile responsive. They wanted a website that worked more or less like an app on the phone.

Another big challenge was the complex sorting option on the old website. Your Hustler was tasked with creating a website which looked similar to the old but eliminated the problems they were facing in the old one.

Our Strategy

Joe already had a ranking website. He wanted to revamp the design while keeping the look and feel of the old website.

We discussed the basic requirements for a new website and the kind of effect he wanted from his new site. We analyzed Joe’s target audience and products and took a long look at his old website to come up with a checklist for the new website.

Since Joe wanted a similar look and feel, we made sure to stick with the tone and temperature of the old website while still making the new website feel more functional and navigable.


After extensive research and discussions with Joe, we created wireframes and structures to make an old website completely responsive on mobile phones.

We expanded on the best features of the old website and did away with the ones that were holding it down. We made the new website easily readable and navigable without giving away the familiar ambiance of the old website.

The products on the old website were jumbled and difficult to follow. With the new website, we made sure the products were easily accessible and provided enough information to the visitors to help them make a purchase.

We also improved the features such as readability, explorability, affordance, and responsiveness to make the new website easier to browse through.

The Impact

The result is a fast website that is responsive on mobile phones, iPad and other devices. It has solved the client’s problem and their customers are very happy that they can now easily view the website on their phones.


Highly customized e-commerce store development for a titanium products seller.