From a disastrous website redesign tanking traffic by 90% to record sales exceeding $45k in a single order, EcoSmart’s remarkable revival is a testament to skilled digital marketing.

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255.114 %

Increase in organic traffic

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164.96 %

Increase in impressions

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Leads generated in 10 months

“The quality of leads
from our website
has really improved”

I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for help with web design or lead generation. I have already referred them to our partner companies.

Matt Ross

Founder EcoSmart Inc
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Client Brief

EcoSmart, founded in 1993 by Matt Ross, is dedicated to making sustainable living affordable and accessible.

As the leading distributor of green construction materials, they assist building owners, architects, contractors, and developers in efficient, cost-effective operations.

The Challenge

A disastrous website redesign tanked EcoSmart’s traffic from 5,000 to just 500 visitors per month.

The URLs were changed without proper redirects, causing rankings to slip for important keywords. The website needed a complete revamp to get the business back on track.


We started by completely redesigning the website for improved SEO and conversion optimization. This involved a site-wide audit of technical issues, content, and design.

Throughout the redesign, we carefully implemented 301 redirects from old to new URLs. This preserved existing rankings despite major changes to information architecture.

We created targeted, authoritative content with a focus on ranking vital product category pages. For example, we published 12 new blogs just around the company’s street light and roofing product offerings.

Ongoing efforts included disavowing over 400 toxic backlinks to help regain lost ground. We also secured press mentions on over 20 news outlets, including popular publications like Forbes, AP News, and more.

We meticulously tracked monthly organic traffic, rankings, and other KPIs to monitor impact and ensure consistent month-to-month growth.

A jaw-dropping 255.11% increase in organic traffic and 164.96% surge in organic impressions in 10 months

Optimizing product pages, creating intent-focused blogs with natural keyword placement, fixing website issues, and ensuring technical SEO was spot-on, all led to an increase in organic traffic by 255.11% and organic impression surge by 164.96%, getting more and more leads via the organic channel.

Ranking in Google’s top 10 for major keywords that drove majority of the sales

  • #2 for best heat pump water heater
  • #3 for best solar street lights 
  • #2 for ecosmart led strip lights
  • #2 for eco shake roofing
  • #3 for sip panel home kits 
  • #1 for solar assisted heat pumps

And many more. These rankings led to EcoSmart becoming a trustworthy supplier of top-brand products in the green construction industry.


An eye-popping sale value of $180,000 in a single day!!

The on-going and relentless efforts of our entire team paid off, producing great results for Matt. One of the notable achievements is a single-order sale of $180,000 for solar lights, surpassing the revenue expectations that Matt had from us when he signed up.

By expertly rebuilding EcoSmart’s online presence from the ground up, we restored their traffic, rankings and sales to record levels after a disastrous setback. Our comprehensive digital marketing strategy brought them back stronger than ever.