From $500 in monthly sales to a remarkable $47k in just six months for Steam & Sauna Experts in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

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10.8 k

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634.7 %

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699.36 %

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We not only drive traffic and boost rankings, but our main focus is converting that traffic into qualified leads.

Juan Moreno

Owner, Steam & Sauna Experts
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Client Brief

Juan Moreno’s Steam and Sauna Experts, a Fort Lauderdale-based company, provides steam and sauna installation and repair services. Additionally, they boast an excellent e-commerce store featuring steam generators and other quality products from the steam and sauna industry.

Additionally, they boast an excellent e-commerce store featuring steam generators and other quality products from the steam and sauna industry.

The Challenge

When we met Juan, his website had a notably high spam score. He had previously worked with an SEO company that employed some questionable tactics, resulting in little to no progress.

At that time, the website struggled to generate even $500 in e-commerce revenue per month, and calls and leads for sauna and steam room installations were minimal. The site was riddled with spammy pages and duplicate content on most product pages.


Our initial efforts focused on recovering from the damage done to the site. We disavowed all spammy backlinks, removed broken links and duplicate content. Then, we dove into creating in-depth, well-researched blogs covering a wide range of topics crucial in the steam and sauna industry.

We beefed up the product pages, making them more detailed and tweaking the design for improved conversions. We built quality backlinks for both product pages and blogs to boost their rankings.

We did multiple press releases to help the business get mentions and brand recognition through major news outlets like AP News, Benzinga, Yahoo news etc.

We optimized their Google Business Profile, securing over 500 citations to enhance their presence in the Google Map Pack for more local leads in sauna and steam room installations.

We addressed all website-related issues and sorted out the technical SEO side of things. We crafted an entire year’s content calendar in advance. Following a strategic approach to align with other business departments, we aimed for a steady and positive trajectory.

Top 3 in Google SERP for 100+ high-volume keywords

The website currently ranks for 100+ high volume keywords in the top 3 spots. Below are some of the top performing keywords.

  • #Sauna installation Fort Lauderdale
  • #Steam room installation Fort Lauderdale
  • #Steamist control
  • #Sauna wood
  • #Sauna lighting ideas
  • #Steam shower benefits
  • #Infrared sauna pod
  • #Are infrared saunas safe
  • #Sauna cold plunge routine

The website also ranks for 700+ keywords in the top 10 spots and 2k+ in the top 20 spots.


#1 spot in Google 3-pack for ‘Sauna Installation’ & ‘Steam room installation’

Their Google business profile ranks in the #1 spot in google 3-pack for two of the most important keywords for their business ‘Sauna installation fort lauderdale and ‘Steam room installation fort lauderdale’. Not only their GBP but their website also ranks #1 in Google SERP for multiple variations of these two keywords. And it’s not just these two—they dominate google for a ton of other keywords too.

634.7% more organic traffic, 699.36% spike in monthly impressions

As of March 2024 the website gets a monthly organic traffic of 10.8k, marking a 634.7% increase since we took over. Previously, it received slightly over 1k traffic. Impressions have also soared by 699.36%, with the website now boasting 506k monthly impressions.

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Monthly sales up from $500 to $47k

The e-commerce sales went up from a meager $500 a month to a jaw-dropping $47k. And that’s not all—the website and GBP pulled in extra sales, giving out 60+ local leads every month for sauna and steam room installations. Talk about a serious upgrade!