9X Increase in organic traffic and 248 qualified leads generated in 6 Months for a consulting firm based out of Utah.

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leads generated in 6 months

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9 x

increase in organic traffic

They do what they
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They made some pretty strong promises to us about delivering, and in the end, they kept those promises and delivered big time for us.

Jeremiah Grant

Managing Partner, Arrowfish Consulting LLC
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Client Brief

Arrowfish Consulting, founded by Jeremiah Grant, is a leading financial consulting firm specializing in services like business valuation and forensic accounting.

With a team that spans the entire US and over 200 years of combined experience, Arrowfish works on major legal cases as expert witnesses. But their online presence needed major help.

The Challenge

When we started working with Arrowfish, their website barely ranked for any relevant keywords and they were solely relying on Google ads. They had tried another SEO agency before without much success.

As a result, they were getting very few leads, and lead quality was inconsistent. It was clear their main service – business valuation – needed to be the initial focus.


We took a strategic, multi-pronged approach to improve Arrowfish’s online presence and authority.

First, we built an entirely new website optimized for their target keywords like “business valuation Utah.” The site focuses on showcasing its expertise in core services like valuations and forensic accounting. We also created informative, optimized blogs and guides to attract their ideal audience.

Additionally, we employed advanced link-building tactics to acquire quality backlinks from relevant websites. This involved outreach to similar financial sites, guest posting opportunities, and press releases published on top news publications like AP News, Benzinga, Yahoo, Forbes, etc. Over time, this greatly improved their domain authority.

We also honed their technical on-page optimization, ensuring pages loaded fast and followed best SEO practices. Tags, meta descriptions, headings and media were optimized for maximum click-through rate.

We refined their local SEO game plan for major locations like Utah, Dallas and Las Vegas. By securing key local citations and reviews, their visibility and trust improved dramatically.

A whopping 9X increase in organic traffic, leading to 248 sales-qualified leads

We helped Arrowfish go from almost no presence to ranking on Google’s top 5 for all the core service keywords, leading to a 9x increase in organic traffic to the website, thereby leading to 248 sales-qualified leads. And all this in just 6 months.


Local targeting helped achieve leads on a city-wide basis, including the overall count

Our in-depth local SEO tactics tailored to core regions proved remarkably successful. Arrowfish ranks

  • #3 for “business valuation utah”
  • #3 for “business valuation las vegas”
  • #5 for “business valuation dallas”
  • #6 for “business valuation denver”

This precise geo-targeting supported driving qualified and relevant leads, no matter where clients were located.

Instead of targeting all services at once, we started with their core services – business valuation and forensic accounting. Within 6 months, they started receiving leads for both the services and from their main city of operations – Utah. Safe to say, Jeremiah and team are definitely busy handling complex cases thanks to the system we built for them.


Ensured Jeremiah and his team are the go-to thought leaders in their domain

Securing rankings for informative keywords like “how to value a gym business”, “falsifying fmla paperwork”, “business valuation guide”, etc., and publishing guest posts on sites like Forbes, Business Insider and more cemented their status as industry authorities.

As key opinion leaders in their niche, Jeremiah and his team gained much broader visibility. Given how selective Jeremiah is with cases, this was instrumental in positioning them as experts called upon for sensitive litigation support and fraud investigation projects.

Create a ‘How to Value a Business’ blog for multiple industries that has driven a ton of leads

We wrote a ton of blogs on topics such as ‘How to Value a Restaurant,’ ‘How to Value a Gym,’ and ‘How to Value a Chiropractic Practice,’ covering all the different types of businesses that Arrowfish Consulting focuses on.

All the articles rank in the top 3 for a variety of keywords and generate plenty of leads for each specific industry for the client.

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